Four olive oils
the tastes

We offer an in-depth course to get to know and taste Italian extra virgin olive oil.

DURATION : 3 hours
COST : 30 euros per person

STARTING FROM: January 2022

Four olives oils
the tastes

The activity includes:
A visit to the olive grove and the oil mill with an explanation of the methods of cultivation, harvesting, and extraction;
the introduction to the organoleptic and health characteristics of Evo;
tasting technique;
how to recognize the merits and defects;
the traceability of oil.

At the end of the tasting will be offered an aperitif with typical products.

In Italy, we have 538 registered olive cultivars which means that our country has great diversity and richness of extra virgin oils. Every region, it can be said, has a unique olive-growing heritage, given not only by the different varieties but also by the climate and the territory. All this allows obtaining different and characteristic extra virgin olive oils, each with unique aromas and flavors.

Knowing how to choose extra virgin olive oil is very important to make the most of the dish in which it is used. The goodness of oil is discovered only by tasting it in purity.
The sensory analysis of food such as extra virgin has its own precise method and well-defined steps. The different organoleptic properties are evaluated through the five senses.

Every person, with a little curiosity and a desire for knowledge, can become a good taster. We think that the culture of oil must be proposed and explained certainly starting from the reality of our territory but taking into account the production of other realities.

For this reason, we thought to propose amateur courses that help to discover the different cultivars present in our Italy oiling it.


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