The game oligopoly is a tool to lead children to the knowledge of the world of extra virgin olive oil and olive.

hal day
: 5,00 euros per child (including a snack in the middle of the morning)
full day: 10,00 per child (packed lunch by children)

: school groups and children


There can be different types of games, made both on the field and in the mill, which we propose primarily related to the age of children, weather conditions, and the time we have available (half a day or full day).

The game Oliopoli is a tool to lead children to the knowledge of the world of extra virgin olive oil and olive.

Through the game, all aspects of production are explained, including the human resources and riches of the territory.
Children are approaching in a surprising way this extraordinary product that finds its cultural roots in our history.
The main purpose is to propose a piece of the correct information on all the stages concerning the production of oil, from cultivation to processing, to the sensory approach. Box after box you earn an element of the chain all playing in the middle of our olive trees.

Players (teams) are given the task of finding resources: the land, the olive trees, the oil mill, the bottling, the dop respecting rules, and answering questions. OLIOPOLY is borrowed from the game of Monopoly and will develop in the olive grove. Each team will earn, in the event of a positive response, a position, while remaining stationary if it does not answer the question, as in Monopoly the teams come across a series of unforeseen probabilities that will make more fun and difficult the achievement of the objectives.

Other recreational and educational activities related to the rural world can be proposed: the game of the senses, the agridisegno, the food pyramid, friends and enemies of the olive tree, etc….


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