DURATION: about 2 hours
PEOPLE: maximum 4 people
SUITABLE FOR: riders who already have basic experience of the 3 gaits (step, trot, gallop)
COST: 35 euros per person

STARTING FROM: January 2022


An ancient legend tells that one day Poseidon and Athena challenged each other to offer the most beautiful gift to the people, Zeus would be the judge of the race. Poseidon hit the ground with his trident and raised the fastest and most powerful horse able to win all battles. Athena struck the stone with her sword and raised an olive tree. The beautiful plant illuminated the night cured diseases and gave valuable nourishment.
Zeus chose Athena and blessed the silvery leaves and arranged for a new city to rise near the plant, Athens, which would have been a symbol of strength and prosperity, dominating the Mediterranean. The horse, however, also accompanied the life of man from its origins both as a source of food and animal work, until modern times when it is seen mainly as a companion of leisure and sport.

The approach we have to these two forces of nature has always been based on respect. Taking care of an olive grove means adopting the right agronomic choices in total respect of the environment and the plant itself, intervening when necessary, and having respect for the territory.

We adopt the same philosophy with our horses, donkeys, and other animals that are part of our family. You can have wonderful experiences with horses without necessarily adopting a dominant relationship.

A horse managed according to its ethological needs and trained following the psychology of animal learning is a horse that establishes a good bond with man, in competition, walking, and in any other situation.

We offer you a double experience with us: in the company you can approach the world of horses, especially with children, getting in touch with them through the understanding of the beauty that we can gather from the ground. Alternatively, there is the possibility of ride the horse on a long walk in the midst of the olive fields, staring from Elena’s stables, in a little sports center close by.


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