A day
in the company

We propose a day in which you can collect with us the olives, take them to the oil mill, and learn how they are transformed into oil.
See the fruit of your work materialize in a bottle of new oil…. made by you!

DURATION: about 4 hours
COST: 40 euro
PERIOD: October- November

STARTING FROM: January 2022

A day in the company

The olive tree is considered a very resistant plant given its innate rusticity, however, in order to obtain a quality extra virgin olive oil, the olive grower must, during the year, take care of it through pruning, fertilization, and defense from diseases.

A good product is made from a healthy and cured olive.

No less important is the moment of the harvest of the fruits, indeed this affects the quality of the product and, in particular, its organoleptic characteristics.

Anticipating or delaying the olive harvest can, in fact, allow obtaining an oil with different characteristics.

Also the method of collection influences quality. The Ligurian territory does not allow the possibility of using large equipment as is the case in other parts of Italy. The terraces often overlooking the sea allow nothing more than a hand harvest with mechanical facilitators.

Another fundamental step is the transfer of olives to the mill.

The extraction is a rather delicate phase although, today, thanks to modern mills you can control the entire production process.

Our company thanks to years of experience and the help of cutting-edge techniques both in the agronomic field and in the productive one has always managed to produce quality oil.

How and when you make an extra virgin olive oil can be a new experience for anyone who wants to approach the olive world. It will be a great pleasure for us to make you spend a day as crushers!

At the end of the activity will be offered an aperitif with typical products.


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