Adopt an olive tree

You will have the opportunity to follow the birth of your oil, from the olive harvest to the pressing.
The adoption fee is annual.


Adopt an olive tree

You will receive a numbered adoption certificate of the olive tree you have adopted, constant updates, and photographic reports of your plant throughout the year.

1- For each tree adopted it is planned to complete an accession form
2- The adoption has a duration of one year. On the tree will be placed a plate with the name of the adopter and the adoption period
3- The adopter will receive, at the indicated address, a quantity of extra virgin olive oil of 5 lt taggiasca (average annual production)
4- The company undertakes to inform the adopter by regular e-mail of the activities carried out on the plant
5- The company offers the adopter the opportunity to visit the tree adopted and participate in the collection, subject to 15 days’ notice

Once the payment has been made, you will receive the completed and signed adoption form at your e-mail address from our email account: